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First Aid Kits Australia operates their business in Melbourne with the assistance of Tony Liberatore and Australian Premier Leaning. We offer one of the largest ranges of compliant first aid kits covering every type of need and requirement, including workplace, home, sports, marine, childcare, catering and custom made to suit every risk. We also offer a large range of medical supplies including stethoscopes, blood pressure machines, first aid utensils supplies and full kit contents of low risk to the very highest risk available.
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First Aid Kits Australia follow the guildlines of Safework Australia for all workplace First Aid Kits. We make from the basic models of low risk to the highest levels of risk in workplace including mine site, remote area, farm and station full protection.

Catering first aid kits have all the right content including blue visual, burn treatments and any other items to cover the risk in every size of kithchen, from small cafe's to the largest hotels.

Childcare kits are made to cover the assessed risk of children and clients as well as the needs of each centres staff. From daycare mothers to the largest childcare centres we can assist.

Marine kits are to Australian marine standards from small boats in the river to B class river and bay and onto G scale and F scale working and fishing boats.

Sports kits are made in a standard range from personel to coach and team level kits for trained users beyound this we will custom make to suit each and every sport, we welcome your input and the chance to work with trainers, players and clubs.

Whatever your need or requirement maybe we look forward to working with you to cover your duty of care and all of your requirenents to fully cover the risk, corporate branding and company restocking backup is another area that we can work and plan with you.